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Butternut and Blue co-owner, Jim McLean, is currently collecting material on three projects.

  • The 14th Brooklyn, also known as the 14th New York State Militia or the 84th New York Volunteers
  • Hiram Berdan's 1st and 2nd United States Sharpshooters
  • A revision of his history of Cutler's Brigade at Gettysburg (14th Brooklyn, 76th New York, 95th New York, 147th New York, 56th Pennsylvania, 7th Indiana)
He hopes to begin writing the history of the 14th Brooklyn sometime in late 2009. The Berdan Sharpshooter project, a projected multi-volume history, would follow. The revision of Cutler's Brigade could expand into a detailed study of the July 1st morning fight at Gettysburg.

Anyone willing to share letters, diaries, memoirs, and/or photographs on these regiments should contact us. We are willing to pay copying and shipping costs. Proper credit in the books will be noted once the projects are complete.

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